Derek Borne

Ontario, Canada
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I grew up in a little town called Paris, Ontario, Canada. And no, we don't have an Eiffel Tower, although that would be pretty cool! My main line of work is construction, so writing is my hobby and what I enjoy doing on the side. I'm currently married to my lovely wife and we have a pet bearded dragon named Ziggy. And yes, she has quite the beard!
When it comes to stories (books or movies), like most teenagers and young adults, I love anything sci-fi and action/ adventure. Being a storyteller at a very young age, a love of writing inevitably came to the fore. In grade 8 (2002), I wrote and completed my first novel, "The Ultimate Agent." (Published January 2013)
The goal was to give people a fun and enjoyable read that included superheroes, spies with gadgets, some romance, humor, and a little bit of everything in between.
A sequel was written not long after the first novel, "The Ultimate Agent 2". (Published January 2014)
Followed by "The Ultimate Agent 3" (Published February 2015)