Denis LaRose

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Denis LaRose was born in 1945 in Cyrville On, now part of Ottawa, where he studied philosophy till the age of 22.

From 1967 to 1973, thanks to a scholarship from the Canada Council, he studied social philosophy and aestethics in Paris, France, while finishing his master’s degree in philosophy for the University of Ottawa.
He got interested in psychoanalysis and began his medical studies in Paris, which he completed in Ottawa, obtaining his MD in 1976. He then specialized in cardiology at McGill University in Montreal, and practiced cardiology from 1983 to 2005 in Gatineau (Hull).

After retiring in 2005, he first started learning drawing but finally got interested in photography, first in Mexico at the Bellas Artes Insti-
tute in San Miguel de Allende, and then at the School of Photographic Arts of Ottawa.

Né en 1945, Deris LaRose a vécu pendant les deux premières année de sa vie à Cyrville
Il a étudié la philosophie, la psychanalyse et la médecine avant la photographie.

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