Fran Hardy

Lamy, New Mexico, United States
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All of my work focuses on the natural world especially native flora and its preservation. I am particularly fascinated by ancient trees. I hope that by drawing the public’s attention to the otherworldly beauty of trees and native flora it will draw attention to why they need to be saved for their unique visual beauty and their key role in preserving the sustainability of our environment. The trees are large drawings on panel also utilizing watercolor and various acrylic grounds. An eye for meticulous detail infuses my work and often various magical creatures will make themselves known to the viewer within the twisting bark of my trees. My early childhood was spent in the solitary pursuit of reading magic books and fairy tales and along with my desire to save the natural world and vanishing ancient trees these forest sprites emerge unbidden and subconsciously as I draw. I believe that trees are sentient beings that feel and breath in unique ways that we can not yet comprehend.

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