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Deedra Mosley
Blurbero desde enero de 2013
Nombre Deedra Mosley
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Ubicación Kentucky
Sexo Femenino
Mi ocupación Stay at home Mother
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I am a lover of poetry with a passion for a good romance novel from time to time. I have been called eclectic in my tastes. As a Mother of two active children I am forever on my toes. I love teaching Sunday school at my home church and I am an abolitionist fighting against abortion. The greatest joy that I have had to date is being a mother. Children have a way of inspiring the best in a person. I draw strength from my two children and they keep me writing. From the forms I fill out for school to the papers I find myself editing I can say I shall never lose my love of writing as long as I have my children with me! They bring out the best stories and poems that are locked away inside of me!

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Louise Green and the Curse Of The Bleeding Heart
Life, Love, Death. Louise has it all or does she?
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