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DebMar Studios
Blurbero desde noviembre de 2007
Nombre de la empresa DebMar Studios
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Ubicación Florence, Alabama
Número de teléfono de la empresa 256-767-8243
Acerca de mi empresa DebMar Studios is a family owned business Not only are we professional photographers but artists are well. As a result in many of the photos we will combine these elements to create a visual work of art for our clients. We are members the of EPN Network (Equine Photographers Network), PPA, TVPPA, PPMA
Deborah won the "Editor's Choice award in both 2006 and 2007 for her picture "Knight" and Reflection" respectably and in 2007 was nominated into the Hall of Fame in the International Association of Photographers. Other members of our family will combine their pen and ink and rendering abilities either alone or to the photos. Stop by our Web site, to see our unique style.
Áreas de especialización photography
pen & ink
graphic arts
fine arts
children's art
Afiliaciones profesionales EPN, PPA, TVPPA, ISOPP, Tennessee Valley Artist league, fine artists Assoc. Color Pencil Artist Assoc... etc....

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