Davy Priestley

Romford, London, Essex
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Davy has a deep interest in people; he is deaf and understands how it feels to be in a minority group so from this background he has investigated the world of Transgendered people capturing relaxed images of their everyday lives and creating compelling photographs with the use of low- lighting to achieve a natural, aesthetic look. Davy believes a successful artist never “captures” a moment but actually “releases” it to others. With his photography, (Colour, black & white and Polaroid) He strive to transcend the documentary nature of the format by the sheer force of the experience. His work is both reflection and expression in that he do not aim or plan a shot, but instead allow himself to be found within it as it happens. He works freelance on location and in the studio for portraiture and assisting Mark LeBon who, along with Helmut Newton, Nan Goldin, Todd Hido, Gregory Crewdson and Jürgen Teller have been strong influences in his photography.
Davy has obtained B.A. (Hons) in 2013

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