Acerca del autor

Marcus Perillo
Blurbero desde septiembre de 2008
Nombre Marcus Perillo
Mi sitio web
Ubicación Melbourne, Victoria Australia
Sexo Masculino
Mi ocupación Student
Mi biografía My topics ranges from me to the world and people who affect what I am. I’m heavily influence by music and the moving art.

Current Projects:

15th Of September

Homeward Angel
A comic about a student finishing his school however the world is about to end in a spectacular style. Another planet is on it’s way to earth. A story about friendships and new beginning’s and those people you want to be laying next to when it all goes away.

Chapeter One: Completed

Chapter Two: Writing story and thinking of title

Dexter Wall
Commissioned to do a wall at Dexter bar/cafe I’m working from my comic and making a series of images based off the characters.

There is No Milk
A short animation about 2 blokes running out of milk and thus having to get some more from the milk bar across the street which is about to close. Funny stuff written by a mate of mine.

Suspended Animations Website
Collab project with a couple of students around Melbourne. A portfolio website done in flash that wi

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