Daniel Nassoy

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Born in 1958 in Metz (eastern France) Daniel who originally trained
as an IT consultant, opened his eyes through photography.

In 1992, he signed up to a 2 years training course at EFET
(Paris), a professional photography school. Then he already
knew that the rigid world of IT was not meant to be his future.
In 1997, he abandoned his IT career, and trained himself in
multimedia technologies, and photography.
Since 2001, Daniel has been working as a freelance photographer and graphic artist.

Daniel started his artist work with basic tools - some lights, a black backdrop - creating a night theatre where to explore the male body. In this fansasy game in which many models took part, the camera lens played the part of the miror that would reflect the participants’ desires and dreams.
His latest body of work, he uses both real iconic urban settings, or reinvented ones to create a fanstamagorical and poetical representation of the male body and the dreamed city reach.

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