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Daniel Kuhn studied English Literature & Drama for a B.A. in English Literature from Belmont Abbey College and attended graduate school at San Francisco State University for an M.A. in Creative Writing. He lived in California for 34 years where in worked on feature films. Credits include Special FX production on “The Right Stuff,” (the Ladd Company), “Ghostbusters,” 2010, “Poltergeist 11,” “Big Trouble in Little China,” for Richard Edlund’s Boss Films in Marina Del Ray. Richard Edlund won 8 Academy Awards as Special FX Supervisor for George Lucas’s “Stars Wars” and “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” Subsequently, Daniel Kuhn became an independent film producer making “Distortions” (1987) and “Kill Thy Neighbor” (1999). He also worked for ABC Network News as a freelance Transport Coordinator for 20 years (1988 – 2008) on the road with crews on national news stories from O.J. to Michael Jackson. Married to the late Susan Coppola.

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