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daisy carlson
Blurbero desde agosto de 2007
Nombre daisy carlson
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Ubicación California
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Mi ocupación Photographer, Business Consultant, Climate and Sustainable Develpment
Mi biografía Daisy Carlson, a photographer and filmmaker, is better known as the designer and CEO for Daisy Arts Inc., founded in 1991, when in the midst of a documentary on craftspeople in Italy, she designed a line for a cooperative of handicapped adults. Once struggling to maintain their autonomy they now have a thriving business. Her popular designs gained International notoriety and were sold worldwide. Daisy has developed branded product and marketing strategies for museums, department stores and several International organizations. On sabbatical in Africa she found herself behind the lens where her first career started. Currently she is reporting on and consulting with aid projects around the world. With 20 years experience in product design, marketing and International business management she is a prime advocate and consultant for small business development for the poorest of poor. Her interest in Africa and finding effective solutions for a sustainable future without hunger lead her way.

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Climate Change and Children,
Children in developing countries are profoundly impacted by the negative effects of climate change. Directing the trillions of dollars of Carbon in the atmosphere into Sustainable Development that includes literacy programs can end hunger in our lifetime. By providing girls adequate resources for a literate education we collectively can shift and heal this humanitarian crisis and spare millions of girls affronts against their humanity.
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