Acerca del autor

Ashley Mackevicius
Blurbero desde noviembre de 2008
Nombre Ashley Mackevicius
Mi sitio web
Ubicación Australia
Sexo Masculino
Mi ocupación Photographer
Mi biografía I have been a photographer for nearly 40 years. Photography is my passion and my vocation.
My approach is from an intuitive perspective rather than an intellectual one. Consequently, my photographs tend to invite meditation rather than discourse. My projects, subject matter, materials and techniques vary with little rhyme or reason. Regardless, there is a strange harmony between each series of photos. I work introspectively, somewhat in a vacuum. This insular way of working helps me be true to myself creatively. I like to spend time with my subjects. As a result my creative output is slow, both in development and execution. Final images are often the result of months and sometimes years of experimentation, rephotographing and ‘living’ with work prints. Behind each final image are numerous photographic ‘sketches’ or references. The process is all-important.
I will continue to further refine and distil my vision – to work towards interpretations that are sheer, poetic and pure.