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Col Davidson
I am a retired accountant who has been collecting coins for about sixty five years and Primitive Moneys for some fifty years.
In 1974 I became member #29 of Neil Kent Becker's International Primitive, Odd & Curious Money Club (IPOCMC) - later renamed as the International Primitive Money Club. During the period 1978-79 I took over as Acting President and Editor of the Club and edited and isued 8 Journals.
When Neil was able to resume the presidency I started up the Australian based Traditional Money Association which promoted the study and collecting of primitive moneys. This club lapsed in 1998 but, during the period 1980 to 1998, twenty six Journals of the TMA were issued. Refer to the below link where they can be read and downloaded.
I am still a keen collector and student of all forms of Primitive Mneys with this book being illustrated with items from my collection.

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