Carter Academy Community School

1861 Saux Lane
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Carter Academy Community School is dedicated to excellence in education through interactive student oriented teaching. Leading and teaching students with a developmentally appropriate curriculum. Cooperative learning helps to develop socialization skills. Our French and Spanish immersion program helps to develop citizens of the world. Computer and Math Labs aid in research instructions and resource identification. Carter is dedicated to training the next generation of black male leader.

Áreas de especialización

Carter Academy Community School specialize in educating young black men. We help with students whom the public and private schools have branded unteachable. We help these young men in their learning skills and coping skill. Our " Learning to Learn" Curriculum is designed for the young black male.

Afiliaciones profesionales

Our Curriculum follows the State of Louisiana requirements in Science, Social Studies, Mathematics and Reading Comprehension.
Member of the African American Homeschool Association.
Member of the National Community School Association.

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