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I like to help. It's what I do..

I believe good design should be accessible to the everyman. Michelle & Andre should have a beautiful album of their wedding photographs; Rose should be able to compile her family recipes and history for her grandchildren; and Patrick is entitled to a unique gift for his friend who served in the air force (unable to link due to privacy).

So I invite you to feed me your requirements, and let me travel through your life! Everyone's got a book in them. What's yours?

Áreas de especialización

business identity branding
book production
video production
promotional material
software tutoring

Afiliaciones profesionales

B Design (Visual Communication) @ UWS - 2003
Animal Logic 2D Compositor - 2004
Prepress/Customer Service Officer - 2006-8

Freelance Graphic Designer - Since 2002
(business identity branding, retouching, book production, video production, promotional material, software tutoring, etc)