Beverly HIlls
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Bueller Designs is a design company based in Los Angeles specializing in photographic art, design and prints to liven up any space. All photographs are taken by the artist herself (me).

My photography career began at the age of 12 while on safari in Africa when my brother came down with a migraine and gave me his camera for the day. As you can imagine, he never got it back. That was the beginning of a love affair with photography that has now grown into a way of life. To see the world and everything in it as beautiful and interesting is what I try to pass on to my viewers through my photographs. My passion is to make the mundane interesting and to capture the beauty in the every day, whether it's my drive to work, my back yard, the beach, or traveling.

I like to take photographs that tug at an emotion deep inside. None of the people in my images, or items on the beach (shells, rocks, etc.) are staged. I like to catch things as they happen or exactly as they are.

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