Bruce MacDougall

Rindge, NH 03461
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Nevada born, grew up in San Diego. Moved around a lot, graduated from Grossmont High School in '65, enlisted in the Marine Corps shortly after and wound up in Vietnam. Discharged from Marine Corps in 1968, tried college; didn't work too well. Moved to NYC in 1973, met my wife Margaret Hawthorn. Led a Metropolitan New York Council AYH trip around Nova Scotia with 10 NYC teenagers in 1973. Worked for AYH for a couple of years and then led another AYH trip, with Margaret, across country in 1976. Got married to Ms. Margaret in 1977 and moved to Winchendon, MA in 1978 where we spent the next 34 years caring for psychiatrically disabled veterans in a rather large 42 room 1850's farm house. Our first daughter, Molly was born in 1978 followed by Ruby in 1981 and Sadie in 1983. Molly was murdered in April, 2010.

In July 2012 we sold our Winchendon home and moved full time to our little house in Rindge, NH which sits 20 feet from the edge of Poole Pond. It is here where I live and enjoy life.

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