Bonnie Schupp

Maryland USA
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Bonnie Schupp, Doctor of Communications Design, has been creating all her life.

Her latest project, "365 Gifts," began on her 70th birthday. Every day that year, she wrote about a gift the day brought and illustrated the writing with her photos.

An earlier project, "Dog Tag Poetry," began with a birthday gift from a friend and turned into a book of 365 haiku poems illustrated with dog tag photos.

Another book, "Defining Ourselves," was a two-year project involving people ages 4 - 100 from fifteen countries who defined themselves in one sentence beginning with "I am." She then took portraits to illustrate their definitions. "Defining Ourselves" was a solo exhibit five times in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Presently she is looking for couples who have lived together for 40 or more years, married or unmarried, to participate in a new project.

She is a retired middle school teacher in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

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