Dale Mathis

Las Vegas, NV
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Dale Mathis – Sculptor
(American, 1972 – Present)

SELF TAUGHT Sculptor Dale Mathis engages and captivates the viewer’s artistic sensibilities with the soft whirring of hand made gears and pistons awash in cool neon, while a commanding eye stares straight through you, and, yes … those are sculpted bullet holes in the frame. A dreamscape vision sculpted into 3D reality.

Surrealism meets mechanicalism - a merging of
The Dream & the Machine
This is the world of Dale Mathis

His art work possesses that rarest of artistic elements – true originality.

Dale Mathis’ art works are primarily mixed media, high relief wall sculptures that challenge, and defy ready classification. The Art works are commanding, not just artistically, but physically. A “typical” Mathis Art work is mechanical, with hand carved moving gears, neon lit, sculpted, and often near 4 feet or more in 2 dimensions, and a foot deep. Weighing 80lbs or more. Art imitates life, or in this case the artist.

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