Benita Keller, Photographer

Shepherdstown, WV
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Benita Keller is a freelance photographer and artist. She accepts commision assignments that fit into her style of photography. She accepts wedding commissions but only shoots black and white film, prints the images herself and does not have an assistant take her photographs. She will only accept weddings that the photographs can fit into her on-going project of "The Wedding As Ritual". Keller was the director of The Jefferson County Photography Project. She has been photographing for 25 years. She has received many great awards and is in the archives of The National Musuem of Women, Washington, DC. Her portfolios includes the nude, landscapes, portraits, photojournalism, and work from Vietnam, Haiti, Cuba and Africa. Benita Keller has taught as an adjunct at various colleges and universities for 20 years and accepts private students and hold private workshops in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. You can see more of her work at and

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Fashion, Women, Portraits, Photojoualism, Landscapes, Weddings, Events. Benita Keller accepts wedding commisions and other's that fit into her style of shooting.

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