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Beeper Bebe
Blurbero desde abril de 2008
Nombre de la empresa Beeper Bebe
Sitio web de la empresa
Ubicación Minneapolis, Minnesota
Número de teléfono de la empresa 612-821-1926
Acerca de mi empresa I handmake plushies from secondhand stuff. Sometimes I make other stuff like bibs or greeting cards too. Mostly, I am just a crafty-mutha who digs designing things--especially toys.

I was nominated for a Softie Award in 2008, have been featured in an interview on the Plush You website, was in the 2008 Plush You gallery show in Seattle, and have had my designs featured in Minneapolis-Saint Paul Magazine.
Áreas de especialización plushie design, sewing, crafting, embroidery, thrifting, repurposing secondhand materials, writing
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