Lauren Odell Usher Sharpton

Corvallis, Oregon
Acerca de

After obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from Oregon State University and a Master of Fine Arts from John F. Kennedy University, Lauren Odell Usher Sharpton used her experience to co-found the nonprofit, Art is Moving ( Believing in the positive effect of art on an individual and community, Art is Moving provides opportunities to experience art through various public programs. Lauren’s visual artwork stems from a philosophy that “Everything Matters.” Her printmaking is often inspired by nature and the ever-changing, fleeting moments constantly occurring within it. Her photography is shot in a candid, documentarian manner in hopes that a seemingly mundane moment will be shown for its true exquisiteness and significance. For her mixed media work, she often reuses mundane materials as her canvas and invites her viewers to take part in her art making process to push her belief that every person is significant and every moment in their lives holds high value.

Áreas de especialización

Photography, Printmaking, Installation Art, Mixed Media, Graphic Design, Web Design and Management

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