Oliver Cook

Birmingham, England
Acerca de

Hi, what can I say about myself? Well, I started off drawing, then discovered painting, and then found myself producing a lot of photography too. I've sold work all around the world but that isn't the reason I create - its something more, something deep down that doesn't allow me to stop. I'm fascinated with female allure (as are most men), and I strive to make images that capture genuine, unpretentious and uncontrived beauty.

My approach to photography differs from many in the industry and frequently puts me on a collision course with critics, 'professional photographers' (I usually consider myself to be an artist who happens to sometimes use a camera). I don't spend my time faffing about with technical aspects, and I don't join in with the herd who are constantly chasing the latest piece of kit. I put my focus on the human interaction with the model to get the unique results I do; it is the tensions between the artist and model that most fascinate me.