Josh Hostetler

Richmond, VA, USA
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I was born in the 70s in Richmond, where I grew up. I hear from other people that I have experienced way too many things for a guy my age.

I have a Bachelor's degree in filmmaking and film history. I have made three movies and countless video thingies ( if you want to see). I also make music under the moniker Antmanmusic (check it out if you like at

I have a Master's degree in mathematics and I have been teaching math at the university level for about 8 years now. I also write, as you can see.

I'm gay, but was married for nine years to a woman - not as a cover, mind you, but because I believed we loved each other.

Today, I still teach math, I have a significant other, and I live alone in a townhouse with my two cats who hate each other.

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