Ivan Apfel

Miami, Florida USA
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Ivan Apfel is a Fine Art and Wedding Photographer based in Miami, Florida.

"I picked up my first camera when I was 15 and have had one in my hand ever since. I went on to study photography under Tom Fisher and Craig Stevens in Savannah, GA. It was during this time in the early 90's that I found my niche as a documentary photographer. I have carried this into my wedding photography. To this photographer, photo-journalism is capturing an image that represents an event. A documentary photographer captures a series of images that when put together reveals a story that no one single image could tell.

To help insure I never loose my creative eye, I also work on several fine art projects each year. My fine art projects vary from abstract or obscure images of nature, everyday man made objects, abstract nudes and portraits.

My Wedding Photography can be found at www.apfelphotography.com

My Fine Art Photography can be found at www.ivanapfelphotography.com"

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