Angela M.J. Lichtenauer

Maroni, Larnaka, Cyprus
Acerca de

I was born in Austria in 1961. I went through school, checked out university just to decide it is not for me and followed a path of career, ending up working 15 hour days. Burned out I ended up living in Cyprus. In my late years I married, what changed my name to Egwim.

Going through High´s and Low´s in my life, I followed my path and acquired a multitude of different tools, all supporting the self healing and personal development, which I pursued for fixing her life issues. On this path I discovered my purpose which was to pass on to others seeking for help what has helped me and lead to changing of her life. I live and teach a lifestyle beyond good and bad, right and wrong applying different tools and most of all the intuition and wisdom of my heart.

The decision that finally time has come to start publishing my poems is a first step, opening the door to reach out into this world in sharing my writing.

I decided to publish my works using my Maiden name - this is who I am.

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