Andy Chase

Castine, ME, USA
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Captain Andy Chase is the Chair of the Marine Transportation Department and a Professor of Marine Transportation at Maine Maritime Academy, in Castine, Maine. He began his professional sea-going career at the age of 16 as deckboy aboard a Norwegian bulkcarrier.

He is a graduate of Maine Maritime Academy (’79), and holds a U.S. license as Master, unlimited, for power vessels, and auxiliary sail vessels of up to 1600 tons. He has sailed on many types of merchant ships, including tankers, container ships, tugs, and freighters as deckhand, Bosun, Third, Second, and Chief Mate.

Captain Chase’s professional sailing career has primarily been aboard large, traditional sailing vessels. He has sailed as deckhand, mate, and master under sail.

He was the subject of a book about the U.S. Merchant Marine by author John McPhee, entitled Looking for a Ship, and is the author of a book by Cornell Maritime Press entitled Auxiliary Sail Vessel Operations--a textbook for professional sailing.

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