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Duende As Art
Blurbero desde octubre de 2010
Nombre de la empresa Duende As Art
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Ubicación Ankeny, Iowa
Número de teléfono de la empresa (515)279-0149
Acerca de mi empresa “We are Duende As Art, an artist collective. We moved into an Ankeny farm house in 2012, and began sharing our stories. Our three brushes bring layers of color and movement onto a single canvas.

People often ask how we are able to paint together on one canvas. Painters are usually solo operators. Embracing the creative process together, means taking extra time to allow for personal expressions to find a way to merge into a collective expression, much like choreographing a dance.

We sign our personal and collective paintings, Duende As Art. Duende is from the Flamenco Dance. It's when the Spirit and the Dancer become one.

We are painting the dance,
Katherine, Angela and Adriaan”

Excerpt From: “Duende As Art - Heaven On Earth - From The Heartland.” iBooks.
Áreas de especialización Abstract Painting