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What I love most about photography is expressing how I view people without words. Each and every one of us has a light shining within. It takes someone who cares enough to discover it…to see it.

You can listen to people with more then your ears, you can hear what they are trying to say with your eyes. To be able to catch it on film - that is the reason that I am a photographer. My job could not possibly get old because every experience is a new story.

I moved to Seattle at the age of 18 with the goal of creating the person that I wanted to be.

I have been a freelance photographer, shooting weddings and portraits for roughly 7 years. I received my degree for Commercial Photography from Seattle Central Community College.

I have also been able to travel to different countries to get to know their culture and people. I love traveling, and photographing all that I see and experience. I love to paint a picture in a viewer’s mind of what it felt like to be there.

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