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Mi biografía Moved to Kelowna in the Okanagan Valley in 1970. Retired in 1996 and now operate my sailboat, doing cruises on the Okanagan Lake in the summer under the name Go With the Wind.
Travel in the off season when possible and usually to the Caribbean area. I've had a lifelong hobby of taking pictures preferably of nature and water and am now working on a book called Chicken Busses & Backpacks. A picture book of three months traveling throughout Costa Rica including a week in both Nicaragua and Panama.
This is my first endeavor to putting my pictures in print and shows only a very few of my favourites

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77 Days traveling throughout Costa Rica. This will primarily be a picture book showing pictures covering the whole country including short visits to Nicaragua and Panama. Traveling mainly by old school bus's,cabs and hiking. My partner Jo and I carried only our backpacks, laptop and cameras
The text will be from the blog I kept as I traveled and is laced with humor. This book is a must for anyone thinking of going to Costa Rica including places to stay and what you need to take along.