Marco Fortuna

Viterbo, Italy, VT
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He was born in Rome in 1960. He has very keen on underwater diving since he was a child, growing up attracted by the legendary Maiorca, Majol and Cousteau.
After the first personal experiences in the waters of Latium coast and in lake Vico, near Rome, he decided to devote himself to underwater diving in a professional way. This is the reason why in 1989 he began the didactic procedure of the licences F. I. P. S. - CMAS more than ever decided to become Federal instructor, and he did succeded in 1995. Since then he was become part of the teaching corps of an underwater school in Viterbo and he worked there until 1997. But he can't stop because of his passion for the sea and so he continues his career by becoming instructor in various international underwater teaching schools such as NAUI, PSS, NADD, CMAS, HSA and by accumulating various specializations as well as nimerous hours of diving and teaching.
At the same time his growing desire to adopt photography as an expression of his

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