Jennifer Toland

Kelowna, BC Canada
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Jennifer is a happily married Wiccan, living life in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, British Columbia Canada with her Celtic husband Aron. She's bundled with creativity & a flare for adventure. At home she works on art projects in her Stained Glass shop, oil painting, writing or sketching. On her land she operates a Hobby chicken farm raising rare and endangered species of poultry. She hunts like the Goddesses Artemis & Diana, and forages for wild herbs & mushrooms like the Goddess Airmid. However her true passion shines when she's cooking and entertaining. Being a hostess, bringing people together to wine & dine. Enchanting them with the magic of her hearth, home & food creations. With a gift of Divination, herbal knowledge & the law of positive attraction she is true to her Pagan roots. A successful website where she teaches and instructs as a Wise Woman counsellor under her Wiccan name Aldora Dawn. Celebrating Mother Earth, the Sabbats, sun & moon phases.

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