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A. B. See aka Vonnie Boston
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Nombre A. B. See aka Vonnie Boston
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Mi biografía I am a writer, artist, business journalist, publisher and educator.
I have juggled the esoteric with the mainstream throughout East and West for many years after starting out in New Zealand.

"How About That" was created in response to a request for an artistic interpretation of the genesis of the 2008 Olympics in China. The resultant work was displayed via media art in a gallery in Beijing at the time. And presented at a convention in 2009 at Fengshan.

Creativitiy and right brain thinking are my areas of research and interest. "Creativity for Life" is the product of working with some typical young students in Hong Kong who once encouraged to use their creativity proved how valuable they will be as leaders of the future.

M.Sc Certificate Exp. Psychology - Music, UK. B.A. Double major: English Lit. & Psychology. N.Z, Dip Fine Art. NZ

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