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Canada, New York, and India
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At Aaspirations Publishing, our mission is to leave this world a better place by empowering communities through books. Every book that we publish helps to raise funds for a cause, be it planting trees to help the environment (Where the Buttercups Grow), or raising funds for victims of crime (The Last Six Minutes) or by creating tools for education for slum children (The Laptop Project) and more. You can join our mission today as an author, illustrator parent or librarian or as someone who loves books.

Áreas de especialización

For most children’s picture books, we plant one tree for every book to offset costs of transportation and production. Whereas our teen books are printed on 100% post consumer recycled paper (ancient-forest-free, processed chlorine and acid free paper). If you bought a childrens’ picture book with the 1 tree planted logo on it, click here to claim your tree. Read more on Green Publishing and see proof of planting.

Afiliaciones profesionales

In collaboration with Eco-Libris, we have planted over 13,000 trees for our picture books. and the number continues to grow.