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Soulphotography is a passionate urban photographer from Europe. He explored +200 breathtaking abandoned locations in Belgium/France/Germany over the past 5 years and inspired +60K FB-fans around the world, thanks to his stunning images & eye for detail. His storytelling photography & fine location selection make people think deeper about life. After his first expo 2 books were released in limited edition "Pearls Of Decay" & "Faded Glory" with the best images of the past 5 years. Each book is pure timetravelling between the past & present. Make no mistake : photography is not his profession, so he pays everything by himself, diesel, highwaytaxes, overnight, but next to thumbs up,he doesn't get any support. Support the artist that more stunning trips to castles,,... in Italy, France & Germany can follow in 2018. Big reductions up till -40% are often announced here : https://www.facebook.com/SoulphotographyBE
Urban Art wallprints are also available @ his webshop www.soulphotography.be

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