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Whew! I just published my 1st Blurb book! ...and I feel fine.
Its the kind of book you'd expect from a Gma... loaded with grandchildren pics. Created with familial relationships in mind... with thought toward tomorrow's family members - those yet to come.

Perhaps destined to one day be a family heirloom... yes; I'm having ancestral fantasies. I'm imagining one day when my grandchildren's grandchildren look at this book and squeal with delight seeing their grandparents as children.

Photographically speaking - children and nature belong together. They're like hand and glove, land and love, home and hearth, mind and heart. Throw in some fantasy and fun... and a dash of furrowed brows, and "Good Weather" has likely captured the universe in a microcosm.

Those little scamps are the perfect photographic subjects... beautiful, fun, willing to show the full spectrum of emotion and willing to be photographed just being who they are in the presence of a trusted grandparent.

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