Vincent Thomas O'Brien

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Vincent was born in suburban Sydney in the early nineteen twenties into a gambling family of Irish decent. Revered as the eldest son, he was spoiled rotten and soon developed a sense of entitlement. At the age of nineteen, unable to stick at a trade or a job, he impulsively joined the army for adventure. The reality of war came as a crude shock and his army experiences shaped the man he would become, and trigger a life lived in pursuit of pleasure and excitement that ran close to the questionable side of the law. Devilish good looks and easy charm made him likable to men and women alike, while his stylish appearance and classy manners made him comfortable and accepted in all levels of society. Cheeky scams and downright illegal deals mixed with excessive gambling and drinking, a crack at family life, and periods of hard work in the hospitality industry where he experienced success creating and running popular venues and rubbed shoulders with some notorious Australian criminals.

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