V. Hadady, BFA, MA

California, USA
Acerca de

HADADY is a fine art painter with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Univ. of New Mexico. She studied under photographers Joel-Peter Witkin and Thomas Barrow while sitting in critiques by Julian Schnabel (filmmaker/artist) and Joan Brown (artist). Hadady has been recognized by the National Museum of Women in the Arts Archive on Women Artists. In solo and group shows, she has exhibited throughout central California and the San Francisco Bay Area. She has swept regional class/division awards. Her watercolor "California Valley" was juried into the KVIE Art Auction 2010 with an on-air TV time that opened the 3-day event. In 2014 she showed in a national exhibition at the Haggin Museum. Her 1st book was released in 2011 and she offers many more, including an e-commerce “Painting Fundamentals” text. She has written, produced, and directed several film shorts and a featurette. After she was named Official Artist of Residence in 2012, in 2013 she was named as a Visual Arts Chair.

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