V. Hadady, BFA, MA

California, USA
Acerca de

HADADY is a fine art painter with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Univ. of New Mexico. She studied under photographers Joel-Peter Witkin and Thomas Barrow while sitting in critiques by Julian Schnabel (filmmaker/artist) and Joan Brown (artist). In solo and group shows, she has exhibited throughout central California and the San Francisco Bay Area. She has swept regional class/division awards. Her watercolor "California Valley" was juried into the KVIE Art Auction 2010 with an on-air TV time that opened the 3-day event. In 2014 she showed in a national exhibition at the Haggin Museum. Her 1st book was released in 2011 and she offers many more, including an e-commerce “Painting Fundamentals” text. She has written, produced, and directed several film shorts and a featurette. After she was named Official Artist of Residence in 2012, in 2013 she was named as a Visual Arts Chair. She regularly teaches academic visual art in two separate established locations.

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