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Unique Potential provides solutions to parents to help their students find their launching point.

Do you have a teen who would benefit from more direction for their future?

Figuring out who you are and where you belong within the world of work is a daunting task. This process of career exploration is not quick and cannot be determined based on the results of a test. Students need the people who are around them the most to help them check-in and have deliberate discussions.

We are career counselors and know career exploration needs to occur over time so students can make informed decisions about their next launch, not in crisis mode, and use this process over their lifetime. Unique potential will put in your hands solutions for helping teens figure out who they are and what their niche is in the world.

Áreas de especialización

We have spent several years on many college campuses providing career counseling one-on-one, teaching career exploration courses, and leading workshops for students and parents.

We have worked with a student like yours to help them through the self-assessment for career exploration process.

We know you aren’t career counselors, but we will bring you everything you need to help your student and a lot of suggestions for if you get stuck!

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