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Trisha Shah
Blurbero desde enero de 2012
Nombre Trisha Shah
Mi sitio web
Ubicación Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Sexo Femenino
Mi ocupación Biomedical Artist
Mi biografía Trisha Shah graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art majoring in Biomedical Art. This is her first book written and illustrated herself. Her previous publications include, illustrations for ‘The Know How Of Face Transplantation’. Her career began in boarding school in India; exploring various techniques of Indian art such as, pottery, weaving, printmaking and painting.
Her current work, this book, uses the skills gained from biomedical art to represent topics with serious ethical issues. Growing up in India, she has felt the need to educate others to improve conditions for women in her country that face sex discrimination and gender bias. Her goal is to fill the gap in information for an audience that is neglected, and help spread awareness.
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Keeping with the them of creating visual materials where there is greater scientific or ethical need.
I think Biomedical Art/Medical Illustration is an ever evolving field, it embraces new technology to create art for scientific purposes, but not many artists have ventured into subject matters about culture and socio-economic education. Biomedical Artists have an advantage of research skills, and should take on topics with ethical issues as they can use their skills creatively for education.
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