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Toni Hopper
Blurbero desde diciembre de 2006
Nombre Toni Hopper
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Ubicación Oklahoma
Sexo Femenino
Mi ocupación PR & Marketing, Photojournalist, Writer, Digital Curator
Mi biografía Award winning writer and photographer Toni Hopper has been a newspaper reporter for more than 17 years, beginning as a freelance photographer. As a photographer, she has earned fine arts awards. Writing awards include Associated Press, Oklahoma Press Association, Community Newspaper Holdings, Inc. and the Oklahoma Education Association's Marshall Gregory.
Aside from a few books made of family portraits and designing wedding albums, Toni considers Riding The Chisholm Trail 'Once in a lifetime' as her first official book, self-published.
"I feel it is my contribution to Oklahoma history and is dedicated to the hard work and spirit of the cowboys and cowgirls who lived their dream on that trail."
One of the images featured in this book is a part of The Chisholm Trail Heritage Museum's collection of 31 black and white images chosen from thousands reviewed highlighting this historic event.

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The art of The Chisholm Trail Cattle Drive, already at work on it. It will be smaller, much more affordable and a definite "must have" companion to the collector's edition of Riding The Chisholm Trail 'Once in a lifetime'.
Este libro es adictivo. Léalo (bajo su propia responsabilidad).
If you love cowboys, horses and the Old West, then Riding The Chisholm Trail 'Once in a lifetime' collector's edition is the book to own. It's not just another photograph book of cowboys, but a piece of history. It is, to date, the only publication, aside from a few news articles, that serves as a record of the Oklahoma Centennial Chisholm Trail Cattle Drive, as told in the words of the cowboys and cowgirls who made it possible.