Sean Callinan

Queensland, Australia
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Born in Los Angeles and raised between California and New Zealand, Callinan’s passion for Mexican food was shaped during his formative years in the beach cities of Southern California.
Frequent family holidays to Baja in the 80‘s ignited a passion for grass-roots street food, fueled by the taco carts on the dusty streets of Ensenada and lobster shacks on the cliffs at Puerto Nuevo. Tijuana border traffic was an opportunity to watch human blow-torchers spraying huge jets of fire out of their mouths for pocket change while munching on piping hot churros sold thru the car window. These trips formed the backbone of an enduring love for Mexico, its people and its food.
Callinan’s palette developed more fully in the 90’s on his travels deeper in to Mexico where he himself in pueblo life. In Food for the Dead, Sean explores a wide range of authentic Mexican flavors within easy reach of the home cook. Sean Callinan lives in Qld, Australia, with his wife Anna and two children Charlie & Grace.

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