Marcus Lorenzo Penn, M.D.

Oakland, CA, USA
Acerca de

I am a public health physician by training, but I am a self taught photographer by passion. My artist alias is "Marc Lorenz" or "The Photo MD". Medically, I have been trained to diagnose and treat through medication. Artistically, I have evolved to share and discover through photography.

My photographic intuition becomes most heightened when I am interacting with nature directly. I look to bring the feeling of oneness through my nature photo pieces, such that the viewer can feel a sense of home or connection with the image. I seek to have the viewer feel the fluidity of the water, to feel the rays of the sun, to feel the vastness of the sky, to smell the scent of the flower.

Whether public or private setting, my photography tells a story of community and life in its natural element. It is an honor and privilege to be a vessel to allow this artistic process to take place and I welcome the opportunity to share it where ever and when ever possible.

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