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Terry C. Wagner
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Mi biografía Terry Wagner is a book all in herself. A late life baby for her parents, she created adventures of her own and learned her way quickly.
A step-mom at 18, and a new mother at 20, she continued to stretch the limits of her dreams by trying on many hats, such as trucker driver, short order cook, gardener, salon owner, electrician's helper, sales manager, web designer, internet installation coordinator, medical assistant and property manager. Along the way she found time to write, cook, garden, raise her daughters, teach a few history classes, and research her family history to 1320.

The compilation book of her grandfather's writings is only the first of many books planned.

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Cosas que no me importa que sepan todos

Alerta del narrador ansioso: creo que mi próximo libro será sobre...
a cook book - recipes gleaned and re-visited with new ingredients and methods years later.......this should be fun!
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There are way too many authors who's names I could drop here - read the classics - whatever you perceive them to be, and then follow your heart.....
Este libro es adictivo. Léalo (bajo su propia responsabilidad).
America: The Last Best Hope by William J. Bennett - Vols. I & II - amazing book.
Stealing Lincoln's Body - Thomas J. Craughwell - historical facts that I (and you!) never knew!!