Ivana Belakova

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Ivana Tattoo Art is known worldwide for her unique brand of creativity.

Ivana is a self taught artist who has been perfecting her style for the last 18 years. She has won multiple awards and has participated in some of the most prestigious international tattoo shows in the industry.

Her work has been displayed in various exhibitions and she has collaborated with several art schools internationally.

Her tattoos are positive, playful, beautiful, sometimes mischievous and always fun. Her style is innovative, sophisticated, and eclectic; a sexy mixture of multiple genres combining funky, bright colors and abstract elements with street style and high art.

Her artistic intentions are not to replicate pictures and objects as they are seen by others, but rather to capture the object's unique form. Her trademark style is instantly recognizable and has garnered fans and admirers worldwide.

She currently lives and and works in Los Angeles, California.