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Babette, Wild Cats De Jonge
Blurbero desde febrero de 2013
Nombre Babette, Wild Cats De Jonge
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Ubicación Bussum, Netherlands
Sexo Femenino
Mi ocupación Founder Wild Cats World, author, photographer, conservationist
Mi biografía Born in Bussum in the heart of the Netherlands, my life is dedicated to travel around the world to see, learn and fight for the endangered wild cats, big and small. My heart lies in Africa, in Kenia's Masai Mara, but also in South Africa where we started the Wild Cats World "Spotted Cats Conservation" Project with partner Daniell Cheetah Project. Writing books, suspense novels or (photo)books is another big passion, apart from (wildlife) photography, so lots of books will be released, also in the "Wild Cats" Series.

Cosas que no me importa que sepan todos

Alerta del narrador ansioso: creo que mi próximo libro será sobre...
My next book will be the about the fastest land animal, the cheetah. Watch this space!
Este libro es adictivo. Léalo (bajo su propia responsabilidad).
If you love wild cats, big and small, you should buy the books in the "Wild Cats" series starting with "Wild Cats Leopard Fascination". Seeing the wonderful images of the wonderful leopards, and reading what an amazing animals they are, will make you close this species in your heart forever!!! Please help me to fight for the survival of the many endangered wild cats species.