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For over 8 years I have developed an underground following amongst photographers and people who enjoy "urbex". Over this time frame I have entered over 500 buildings across the UK, documenting all my finds and creating a dark atmospheric picture, amongst the decay that seems to rest peacefully.

"After Everyone Left" is a collection of all my photography work, based around abandoned buildings from residential houses lost in time, to those haunting yet beautifully decayed asylums. The book is packed full of images, highlights of why I do this, what I aim to achieve in the future and furthermore a darker connection to these buildings, that society and so forth forbid you to see.

Across the UK there is many haunting and eerie looking buildings, sat derelict and awaiting documentation, from years of collective research and late night drives, I have managed to capture the lost, forgotten and the strange, in order to achieve something unthinkable.

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