John R Redmond

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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John R Redmond
Canadian born artist residing in Ottawa, Canada

John Redmond's work is fluid. He creates pure abstract and abstract land/waterscapes by an action pour, splatter and spray technique. Seldom does Redmond use a brush. Accidentally on purpose is his method. He employs the flow of waterborne acrylic paint to form layers of texture and blended colour.

Redmond's paintings are often delicate. Others are bold and surreal. Redmond expresses images of clouds, mist, storms over wilderness forests and lakes, waves, seas, under water worlds and gentle or wild wind blown rains. Some paintings are filled with phantasmic imagery. His expressive paintings are to be seen, felt and touched.

"John Redmond has an innate sensitivity to the auras of nature in the world around him. He graciously captures these glowing fleeting moments of beauty and saves them for us to meditate upon for time to come." Galerie 240, Ottawa, Canada

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