Pyotr Miley

Larimer County, Colorado
Acerca de

Pyotr Miley is the nom-de-plume of an unsuccessfully incognito romantic. A veteran of small-town Nebraska, big-city Europe, Kansas farm country, Western Maryland Appalachia, surburban Colorado and a Benedictine monastery or two, Pyotr, enjoys spinning words into stories. Years of writing found their way into litter bins spread across several thousand miles and two continents before he found the courage to begin to keep and to share some of what he was scribbling onto napkins and coasters.

Pyotr, who makes no secret of his either his 'real' name nor his 'legal' name, prefers to use a nom-de-plume that honors his father, who died when Pyot was six. Besides the nickname, 'Pete', this semi-legendary family figure also helped instill in Pyot, at an early age, his love of words, and later, posthumously, of artistic endeavour.

Pyot lives a quiet but jovial and convivial, cenobitical existence with his books, his art, his faith and his love of the magic that is life.