Peter Kilminster

Exeter, Devon, UK
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Photographs, to me, are like books; they can be either factual or fictional, with books I prefer fiction but with photographs I prefer fact. I feel that our images should record what we see and I hope that my own photos’ will show you what I actually saw. One of my fa-vorite pastimes is to take photographs of what is happening on the streets. I like my street photographs to invoke curiosity in those who view them. I always try to capture images that show a relationship between individuals or people and their surroundings. You can only catch this sort of real life action out on the streets. Street photographers strive to capture the life & culture of the city streets, searching for what Cartier-Bresson, probably the most famous of the early street photographers, termed the "Decisive Moment". You go out with no real agenda, just your camera, hoping to get that one perfect shot, the brilliant moment that most of the time you just don’t manage to achieve.

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