Nico Brons

Amersfoort, Utrecht, Nederland
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A driven, passionate and enthusiastic freelance photographer. Photography is an experience for me and inextricably from emotion. This is reflected in the photographic work of my hand. I make human social reports, portraits for companies and individuals and concert recordings. In my autonomous work, you see also abstraction, photo editing, strange scenes, dark sides, but also humor back. I go "outside the box' and let see fresh and innovative things.

Nico says: "I photograph mostly on intuition and feeling, the technique is secondary, but often a tool you need. There are many photography "rules" where people sometimes gets stuck and I try always to break through a bit. In the end it goes about the the image and not about how you've come to to the image with expensive, cheap, or whatever for equipment you have or what kind of uses for digital processing you apply. "

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